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James J Valko is a writer, author, philosopher, copywriter musician and businessman.

Born in Evanston Ill, James spent his youth playing baseball, reading Marvel comics, sitting in the principal's office, playing drums, and asking himself the big questions of life: "Where did we come from?" "What are we doing here?" "Where are we going?" "Would Mary Sue go out with me, if I asked her?"

James worked as a free lance advertising copywriter and TV commercial producer for many years. In 2006 he started NuLean Inc., a company that manufactures and distributes a natural detoxification cleanse. Jim helped co-develop the NuLean products to allow people to gain control of their lives and become healthier by naturally cleansing toxins out of their body.

Still intrigued with the "big questions" about life, James wrote his first novel, The Find, to address those questions. The Find is a work of fiction that mixes romance, philosophy, quantum physics and adventure. It's a story about a group of archeologists that are murdered after they discover time capsules buried in the Grand Canyon, left behind by an ancient civilization (far more spiritually and technologically advanced than our present one) that once inhabited the earth.

James lives in Clearwater, Florida and is presently finishing his second novel, Ironwood, a love story.

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