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Reviews of Valko’s books

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22 Responses to “Reviews of Valko’s books”

  1. bookreview.com Says:

    It’s “The Da Vinci Code” meets “Indiana Jones”. It’s James Bond meets Lara Croft. It’s Alduous Huxley meets Quentin Tarentino. Are you getting the picture, yet? It’s a whirling vortex of conspiracies gone awry, ancient discoveries, mystical powers, sharp wit and heavy gun play. It’s “The Matrix” meets “Nancy Drew”. It’s James J. Valko’s novel “The Find”, an outrageous action book that calls up all the action books you read as a kid and tells them to grow up. It’s as ambitious and unrelenting as it’s principle character, Megan Eastwood.

    Megan and her mentor lead a dangerous expedition into the caverns that run through the rock of the Grand Canyon, where they discover four time capsules at a sight known as Re’s Cavern. From there on, the questions fly as fast as the bullets, and soon the entire team is dead except for Megan’s mentor, Dr. Jensen Reinhardt, and Megan herself, who is wanted by the FBI as well as a shadow organization bent on claiming the find. Mind control, religion, one world government, mystical relics, all fan the flames of Valko’s unyielding action adventure plot.

    Soon after escaping, Megan meets a journalist for the American Times and together they lead a quest to uncover the truth. Of course, like most such novels, the tale isn’t in the destination but in the journey. The two of them leave a long trail of bodies all over the United States as they track down the identities of the conspirators who are hunting them. Fast and frantic helicopter chases and glass shattering shoot outs pepper every page until the final big reveal. It’s a helluva ride, with plot twists in every chapter that will keep you guessing and characters that you can’t help but love.

    With so many elements to juggle and in keeping with such an indominable pace, Valko’s writing rushes forth in a flurry of explanation that might leave you dizzy. My advice is to read this as if it were an action film, moving forward even if you haven’t completely grasped the information from the previous chapter. Valko is good about repeating key information so that you’ll pick it up as you continue. Remember, this is about having fun with the American conspiratorial culture that we find ourselves so often steeped in. It’s a roller coaster ride that works best when you let lose your tightened grip and allow it to carry you through its breakneck twists and turns. “The Find” is definitely a find worth keeping, and a ride worth riding over and over again.

  2. Susie Says:

    Finally! I just got back from being out of the country for almost three weeks. The first thing I did as I boarded our first flight was open The Find to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons. First of all, I was drawn right in to the story and needed to hurry up and finish the book so that I would know what the heck happened! The two main characters were well developed and would be interesting to read about, yet again, in a subsequent book! Of course, the “find” was far fetched and unbelievable, but I completely believed what was happening as the experience was well described and believable. GREAT book!

    Susie Schmidt Hilkemeyer Tucson, AZ

  3. Burnsman Says:

    At first I didn’t like one of the two protagonists in The Find, Bruce Brackin. I found him somewhat annoying…but then again, he was suicidal, which is not a fun type of person to be around. That said, there came a point in the story where Bruce changed and went from a somewhat obnoxious drunk, to a more the hero type you’d except from such a story. I’d say that happened about sixty pages in. So if you find yourself being impatient with Brackin just keep going and you’ll soon probably get to like him.

    The Find draws some interesting conclusions about past civilizations having lived on earth. It also addresses some pretty lofty issues relating to our present civilization…who’s really running the show, and what forces are at work in the world. My favorite types of books are ones where, along with being entertained, I also learn something. I learned things in the find that I had never known before, which I found quite fascinating. A good read. I recommend it.
    Michael Burns NY, NY

  4. LindaB Says:

    This book surprised me. Where I thought it was mostly going to be a murder mystery, it had a lot of spiritual/quantum physics concepts woven into the plot. Without giving away too much, the “find” in question, reveals a sort of reality that you might be familiar with if you’re familiar with quantum physics. Personally, I found this aspect of the book quite intriguing. Beyond that, it’s an excellent story with some unexpected plot twists that keep you guessing as to what’s going to happen. I liked the characters, especially Megan Eastwood, and that’s who the story is really about.

    Linda B. Safety Harbor, Fl

  5. RB Says:

    Grand Canyon that were left behind by a civilization that lived on earth millions of years ago. If this scenario sounds unbelievable to you, than you’re not alone. It did to me also. Yet Valko made it work He sucks you in and makes you believe every word. In fact, by the end of the book I was wondering just how much was fiction and how much was fact. It’s a good story with a strong spiritual message. If you like mystery, adventure and even romance, chances are you’ll like this one. I’m already hoping for a sequel.

    Ronnie B

  6. Warmington Says:

    A real page turner you won’t be able to put down! The Find is an intense thriller that takes you on a journey of discovery through the Grand Canyon and uncovers long-buried secrets of an ancient civilization that shatter our belief in the history of mankind. The author weaves bits of fact with fiction into a suspenseful story of murder and mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end. You will love this book!

    Jeff Chicago, Il

  7. Yvonne Says:

    James had me spellbound. The novel has action, mystery and adventure all in one! My kind of book! I can recommend this book to anyone with a spirit of adventure! Read it and enjoy. I’m looking forward to your next novel!

  8. Jeff Edwards "Radio Jeff" Says:

    I was intrigued by the subject matter of ‘The Find’ and immediately found the story engaging from almost the first page. I LOVE action–in fact, I can excuse poor characterization if a book has an inventive storyline and tons of adrenaline-filled action–but thankfully I didn’t have to sacrifice character development here at all.

    A beautiful archaeologist (why are they ALL beautiful??) seems the main protagonist here who ends up knee-deep into quite a conspiracy. Searching for–of all things–Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon, she and Dr. Jensen Reinhardt discover artifacts which seem to make NO sense. Could they have been left behind by some ancient civilization not hundreds or thousands of years ago, but possibly millions of years ago? One thing I seem to have picked up from the reviews here is how the author has managed to take something SO implausible and give it depth AND believability as well…and I MUST say: Mr. Valko has done exactly that.

    Part investigative mystery, part action/adventure and toss in some elements of Indiana Jones (sorry, but that’s the best description I can give you without giving away too much) and ALL fun! What ARE the ancient artifacts that were unearthed? Where did they come from? Why did everyone disappear seemingly without a trace? I’d let you in on the details, but whats the fun in that? Besides, you’d HATE me for revealing too much…the vast majority of why ‘The Find’ is so much fun is in making those discoveries yourself.

    One wonderful advantage of being an author nowadays is how much easier it is to get published…the downside is there are much more books out there which are truly abysmal–and TRUST me, even the BIG name authors produce drivel now and then–but this is one relatively unknown author that deserves some praise and definitely some wide-spread recognition. I look forward to reading more from him in the future!

  9. Robert G Yokoyama Says:

    The Find is an exciting novel about the mysterious murder of a team of archaeology students in the Grand Canyon. The Find has elements of science fiction and earth science in it. Integrity in the profession of journalism is another strong theme that can be found in the main character of Bruce Brackin. James Valko also covers metaphysical and spiritual ideas in the book. The idea of trying to achieve a higher level of awareness is an idea that Valko weaves into this book. He is a very visual writer. I could picture myself hiking through the Grand Canyon and trying to survive the wild rapids in the canyon while reading his words. I learned that various places in the Grand Canyon are named after Egyptian gods Isis and Re. I really enjoyed reading The Find.

  10. Don Dewsnap Says:

    I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading The Find, but I certainly didn’t expect to be caught up in a time-destroying, obligation-ignoring page-turner. James Valko might not have perfected his craft yet, but he has a solid gift for the story, great timing, an almost intuitive use of tempo, and builds characters I cared about deeply. It is frightening to think of how good this author is going to get as he writes more and more. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a rollicking good mystery/adventure/action/suspense story that will keep them glued to their chair for longer than they had planned.

  11. Barbara Rhoades Says:

    Megan Eastwood is an archeologist and Bruce Brackin is a photographer. What do they have in common? The Grand Canyon. Megan is on a dig in the Grand Canyon for Egyptian artifacts and Bruce is sent to cover the dig as a freelance photographer for a large magazine. Sounds normal, doesn’t it? BUT, it’s not.

    Megan returns from taking photos that Dr. Jensen Reinhardt, the head of the dig asked her to take only to find everyone dead and Jensen missing. Bruce gets involved when he finds Megan holding him at gun point in his car. Bruce’s brother, Peter, a jewelry designer, believes in conspiracy theories and is in a wheelchair. Megan is wanted for the murders of the dig crew. Bruce is wanted for the shooting of an FBI agent.

    There is a huge twist as to what was found in the Canyon. I couldn’t wait to read the next chapter and found myself reading late into the night. Murder, mystery, love and choices are all parts of this wonderfully written novel. And it is set up perfectly to make into a series. The book has a good ending so if there isn’t another book, you aren’t left wondering how it ends. I hope the author will continue the story as I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  12. Zimmerman Says:

    As I look over the reviews of Valko’s book I see one common denominator: that Valko took extremely unrealistic concepts and made them seem real. I disagree. If you do even a little research into the fields that Valko delves into in The Find, you’ll see that the theories he puts forth may not be unrealistic at all. In fact, I believe there is far more truth in this book than first meets the eye.

    Valko tackles the subject of an artifact being discovered that is millions of years old, indicating that intelligent life may have existed on this planet that long ago. In The Find, he even tells us where we can learn more about actual archeological finds that are millions of years old, from a book called Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. Valko also describes Egyptian artifacts having been discovered in the Grand Canyon at one time. I was so intrigued by this that I went online and discovered that an Arizona newspaper actually did report such artifacts being found at the turn of the last century. Valko also speculates on what the true nature of “reality” is. An investigation into quantum physics will tell you that these aren’t solely Valko’s ideas at all, but that many, many scientists hold the view of reality that he describes in his book.

    Besides being a page-turner, I liked The Find because I felt I was learning some fascinating facts I had not known before. Although his writing style isn’t like Michael Crichton’s, The Find is similar to many of Crichton’s books, in that reading it is a learning experience–a journey into today’s unknown, which may just be tomorrow’s reality. I suspect that Valko did far more research in writing this book than one might suspect. He did a good job stringing the “facts” together to make an engaging story.

  13. Loki Says:

    Pretty good first outing for Valko. The book is fast paced and fun to read. A few ‘wtf?’ moments that will keep you going. A little rushed at the end but a solid build up and interesting payoff. I’m looking forward to reading more works from the author.

  14. Shelia B Says:

    Wow! I loved this book. If you liked “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “The DaVinci Code”, “The Firm”, you’ll like this book too. It has suspense, conspiracy, spirituality and mystery. It is one of those books you can’t put down because you must know what happens next. I’m looking forward to Mr. Valko’s next book

  15. Ray B Says:

    Great adventure! Held my interest start to finish. Buy the end it has you wondering if this is fact disguised as fiction! A GREAT READ!

  16. Robert Vail Says:

    What a great book! This story will really get you thinking. It’s fully believable and many of the ideas relating to the 9/11 controversy are probably true. Rather than a nice round hole in the pentagon building (which is what is seen in photographs), there should have been an expanse the size of the plane’s wings. And what about the explosions that occurred as the towers were falling? Were they planted by a demolition company or were they the result of the collapsing structures?

    The controversy in this story grabbed my attention but then the plot made it a great read. As a columnist for the Vail Daily in Vail Colorado, I know what good writing is. This is great writing.

  17. Linda Macisaac Says:

    I like nothing better than to curl up with a good book. James book was that and more, fast paced, fun,believable characters with lots of thrills and surprises along the way. I wish every book I read was this much fun…

  18. Corrina Yong Says:

    Great submit … I really enjoy this site…Thanks

  19. Stefani F. Says:

    What a page-turner, especially for a first book. I loved all the twists and turns and was able to keep up…most of the way! Congrats and can’t wait for the next one. Loved the part on quantum physics, etc. That was an interesting twist to the story that I did not expect.

  20. Betty Dravis Says:

    In his debut novel, James J. Valko proves himself a master storyteller with a vast knowledge of his subject matter. I’m really surprised at how good this book really is; I didn’t expect it, so it bowled me over.

    When Megan Eastwood and her mentor, Dr. Jensen Reinhardt, are missing from an archeological excavation in the Grand Canyon and the rest of the crew are found murdered, authorities wrongfully blame them for the mass murders. A magazine photographer, Bruce Brackin, pokes holes in the FBI news coverage and decides to seek the truth of the matter for a popular magazine for which he’s freelancing.

    Eastwood surfaces only to find she’s wanted for murder, so she goes into hiding and pursues Brackin to talk him into helping her.

    From this exciting beginning, The Find just gets better and better. The author weaves an unbelievable tale of Ancient Wisdom, Quantum Physics and the New World Order into such a well-constructed plot that I suspended my disbelief, taking his tale as absolute truth.

    This author is smart! Not only does he know the locale of the Grand Canyon and describe it vividly, he is also almost “geeky” in his knowledge of high technology. He’s also great at characterization, dialogue, budding romance…and his pacing is spot on! He grabbed me from page one and never let go.

    This mesmerizing book is complex–with so many twists and turns that I kept wondering how the heck Eastwood and Brackin were going to get out of that horrendous situation–but it had a very satisfactory ending. The Find screams for a sequel. I certainly hope James J. Valko writes one.

    Meanwhile, he will soon have another book out; this one is a love story titled “Ironwood.” I look forward to reading it and anything else Valko writes.

    Amazon top reviewer and Midwest Book reviewer

  21. Raw foodie Says:

    It’s great to find a wonderful new author but so disappointing not to find several books by them.

    I love good Science Fiction, good adventure, good mystery and good romance, and THE FIND delivers all of these plus more. Political commentary I can agree with, spiritual concepts that challenge my thinking to new levels, all in a rousing tale that’s lots of fun to read.

    Pick up the book and get ready to stay up the whole night reading.

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